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How Would You Recruit Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane?  Since the beginning of time, there have always been valuable tools used to help organizations recruit the right talent for any purpose.  Having top talent always reaps its rewards.  To have a little fun let’s take a look at the recruiting techniques of the Lannisters from Game of Thrones. In […]

Terrible ROI Using LinkedIn InMail Let’s talk about LinkedIn InMail messages.  These aren’t any ordinary email messages.  InMails are a unique LinkedIn feature and below we’ll discuss some of the top level details which could help shed some light on their value. What’s An InMail? LinkedIn describes InMail as messages that are sent directly to another LinkedIn […]

Why Do Good Employees Quit Their Jobs There are many reasons why employees quit or leave their job.  Below, I’ll give you some of the top reasons.  More importantly, maybe shed some insight into the why which could strike a nerve in your company. Maybe You’re Company Is The Problem, Not The “Millennials” Nowadays, people […]