Get to Know Amanda Landrum

Amanda Landrum is a career-minded woman with a passion for the staffing industry in its entirety. She holds strength in relationships with peers and clients alike, in addition to a powerful determination for success. Amanda enlisted in the US Army as a 31B, military police officer, upon high school graduation and gained many life lessons throughout her enlistment that she will forever carry. Once an injury cut her enlistment short, she decided to take on a passion of hers that will forever be held dear to her heart. Amanda began working in the staffing industry in support roles and earned her way to the top of the latter. She began as an administrative assistant in a field office for the largest staffing company in the US. After working in that role, she began operating in the back-office, growing an understanding for the “bigger business picture” in the staffing industry, all of the moving parts, and how each and every piece effects the goal to dominate recruitment as a true leader. Once she had an educated and tenured understanding of staffing, she began recruiting with The Marks Group as a Technical Recruitment Manager. Amanda is married with a young daughter; her family is her drive to be successful. She is driven, committed, loyal, and honest. She is also passionate, artistic, and lively. Amanda loves enjoying art, dance, skydiving, and paramotoring with her family. She plans to further her career in technical recruitment and to have a satisfying impact on our generation’s industry leaders in a field that will forever change our future.

1. Where did you grow up? Anthem, AZ

2. Favorite vacation spot? Venice Beach, CA

3. Favorite sports team(s)? I’m not much of a sports team person, but I really do enjoy dance.

4. Your dream car? A Ural. Dibbs on the sidecar!

5. iPhone or Android? iPhone

6. What flavor ice cream? Vanilla bean with fresh pineapples, strawberry, and kiwi

7. Favorite movie? The little mermaid

8. If you had one super power, what would it be? Healing the sick

9. Why recruiting? Recruiting is a challenge, something that requires focus; it truly provides a feeling of accomplishment and an investment of diligent work. Recruiting is my pride point and something that I really hold ownership of. If it were too easy, I simply wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do. The technology industry is vastly changing, which creates the opportunity for a new challenge each and every day… if not more than one in a single 24-hour period. Having an impact on our generation’s industry leaders in a field that will forever change our future is something to be very proud of.

Amanda Landrum

Technical Recruitment Manager

Jeremy Marks knows the Salesforce world very well. It has been eye-­opening and a relief to get his counsel on market factors affecting hiring in the industry. His keen judgment allowed us to get an economically favorable placement, and both sides were happy.
Salesforce Client

Thank you for helping us find a Rockstar Salesforce Administrator!
NYC Client