Why Settle For Anything Less?

Why Settle For Anything Less?

Have you ever asked your HR team or outside recruiters to find the best available candidate for a position that you need to fill? Probably, right?  But if we dig into the intent of the request you’re really asking them to find the best candidate BUT and that you will consider alternatives if the best candidate can’t be brought onboard.

Strive to bring on the BEST!

Why would anyone want an “adequate” person to come onboard?  Wouldn’t you strive to bring on the best?  Obviously, there are some lower level positions that just need people in a seat, but in this post we’re considering more senior level professionals.

We have become accustomed to finding acceptable candidates that can do okay or pretty good.  HR has so many jobs to fill each month and time constraints rarely allows them to dig deep for candidates. Outside contingency recruiting agencies are brought on to see what they have at the moment in hopes of the hitting the jackpot.  But each company is unique, each position is different, and each search doesn’t fit a cookie cutter approach.

HR and outside contingency agencies cannot dig deep.  They cannot devote the time to contact, follow-up, chase, and break down the ideal candidate’s barriers and create interest in the open opportunity.  IF the role is important to the company they need a hired gun focused exclusively on this search.  This specialist would be willing to dedicate the resources, time, money, and effort which is required to find that perfect fit. Contrary to what contingency recruiters might tell you, these candidates aren’t sitting on some contingency recruiters shelf waiting for a job.

Why settle for a hamburger when you want filet mignon?  

In the end, an exclusive agency and a contingency agency will cost about the same.  It’s the dedication, focus, drive, commitment, and accountability that will prove the difference between just hiring someone or hiring the perfect someone. Why settle for anything less?


The Marks Group is a technical recruiter that is hired by businesses to deliver precise technology candidates.  We are a recruiting leader in Salesforce. We deliver exceptional candidates in software such as Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Pardot, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Microsoft and more.